A Passer-By Point Of View

Today’s song is “Violent”, by pop-rock band Stellar*. Hey, you say, that lead singer looks familiar. Is she connected to the awesome Bic Runga we saw in the last video?

Yes! This is the awesome Boh, Bic’s older sister.

This song gets extra points for including “nihilistic” in the chorus TWICE:

This song title heads Chapter Eight, where, surprise surprise, Ellie gets violent!


I shoved him again, bouncing him off the fence. “Then I’ll tell you what I know.” There were tears welling out my eyes. I ignored them.

“I know she tried to kill me, and that she’s after my best friend, and that this is enarly the worst night of my life. And I know that I don’t owe you any favours. If you don’t tell me something, I’m going to beat it out of you.” Pain flickered across his face when I shoved him again. I smelled smoke and the wet scent of growing things, and under it, the acrid tang of my own seat. “So!”

He closed his eyes. “So what?”

Fury roared through my head, drowning out the small, inner voice that protested. I pulled my fingers back, and drove the heel of my palm under his chin.

This scene was a lot of fun for two reasons: 1) I got to demonstrate that torture doesn’t work, which I think is always worth reinforcing, and 2) I got to do some gender-role switchery. Ellie is the physically capable strong one; Mark is the magically capable pretty one. GOOD TIMES.

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