I suppose I’m stuck with you again.

Bic Runga! How much do I love Bic Runga? A big much.

Her song “Suddenly Strange” titles Chapter Two:

Bonus Bic Runga – my favourite song, Get Some Sleep.

In this chapter, Ellie has her second encounter of the strange kind.

Minor Spoilers Ahead.

I was alone, in the growing darkness, when the red-haired woman walked out of the fog.

I ducked my head nervously, but though she surveyed me from my sneakers to the collar of my coat, she didn’t meet my eyes. I gained the impression that, my heavy body being of no interest, my face could hold nothing more, and flushed, half-furious, half-ashamed. Of her, I saw white skin, red hair, piled and pinned, and a tight, short-waisted jacket.

As she came closer her beauty struck me, almost physically – a weird, ageless beauty that lifted the hairs on the back of my neck. I felt like an alley cat, bristling at the sudden appearance of a Siamese.

Oh, Reka, you’re such a nasty piece of work.

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