This Is A Love Song

And now, dear Internets, for the final in my series of “the songs I used for chapter headings (that can be found on YouTube)”.

It is “Not Given Lightly”, by the mighty Chris Knox!

I am a bit sad writing this, because Chris Knox had a stroke last year that affected his speech and language centres. He now has much trouble with the words he put together so sweetly.

BUT. He is awesome, and also awesome is the way that the music community rallied to get support for him and his family. His mates and fans played benefit concerts and put together a cover album of his songs. It reminded me of the way fandom and writers do the same when people in their communities are in need. Should you wish to support Chris, you can check out Stroke here.

And should you just want to get some great music, you are also advised to check out Stroke. We are talking people like Boh Runga (Stellar*) and Jordan Luck (The Exponents) and the Finn Family and the Mint Chicks, all of whom I have spoken here in the course of this series on chapter headings. Also, there are international artists like The Mountain Goats and Yo La Tengo. Yeeeees, interested, aren’t we?

So here is Chris singing “Not Given Lightly”, which is my, and many other people’s favourite (a phenomenon he wrote about here). This is a fabulous live performance that encapsulates a lot of the joy and exuberance of his work, by, paradoxically, showing what happens when everything goes wrong. If you don’t have a lot of time, try watching from 1:40:

Karen, you say, that was LOVELY. Do we also get a final cookie to go with our final song?

Internets, I can do you one better than that.

Would you like to read the first two chapters of Guardian of the Dead?

Oh, you would? Then why don’t you toddle on over to Allen and Unwin, click on “Read an Extract” (under “More About This Book”) and download yourself the PDF!

And a round-up of the other chapter heading songs, just in case you missed some:

Why Does Love Do This To Me?
Suddenly Strange
Home, Land and Sea
Sitting Inside My Head
Unity (WARNING: Big spoiler in cookie)
Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!
Pink Frost
Together Alone and Won’t Give In
Maybe Tomorrow

And so we have come to an end! It is two sleeps until Guardian of the Dead officially releases. My heartbeat resembles that of a hummingbird.

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