The Haps, My Friends

News, reviews and interviews, v. exciting!

Want to chat with me and ask me questions of vital importance, like whether I will ever write a novel without physically injuring the main characters? You can! I will be joining the Late Bloomers for live chat at 11.30am, April 14th, Melbourne time. That is this time for wherever you live!

Other recent events of note:

1) On my final day as Writer in Residence at Inside A Dog, I answered many reader questions, including how I pick character names, why so many books have loyal dogs that die, and what I’m wearing to my launch party.

2) The fabulous Book Smugglers interviewed me about Guardian of the Dead and then gave it one of their awesome and entertaining joint reviews. Minor spoilers.

3) Lena Castle of conducted an interview where I talk about cheating on the setting and why I think cultural consultancy is vital.

Also I was interviewed for Radio New Zealand today, where I said “um” about nine million times and I think mispronounced “metaphorical”. Oh, talking, I am so bad at it.

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