Inky Awards Longlist

Internets, so many things to tell you!

First, my osteopath, on learning that I have a blog, asked me to relay the sad story of his pet duck. Since the man does things to my neck that would cause angels to sing, particularly angels who sat in a terrible chair all day typing, I shall certainly fulfil his request.

But secondly, and more moving to me personally than even stories of anatine woe, Guardian of the Dead has been longlisted for the Inky Awards.

The Inkys are Australia’s only international awards for young adult fiction that are in the hands of the young adults themselves. The longlist is selected by the Centre for Youth Literature, and then two adult and four teenage judges select the shortlist. But the actual awards rely entirely on the votes of people under 20. The Golden Inky is awarded to the best Australian novel, and the Silver Inky is awarded to the best international novel of any particular year.

Guardian of the Dead is one of ten Australian* books longlisted for the Golden Inky, and I am honoured beyond measure. I don’t know what will happen with the shortlist and the award and so on, but I am totally thrilled that my debut novel is up for an award that recognises the opinions and tastes of the people for whom I write. I think teen-selected awards are very important.

Also, I am in some delightful company.

Karen, you say, that is very nice for you, but is there anything for us in this Inkys deal?

Internets, yes! The thing that makes the Inkys even more awesome, were this possible, is that there is another award for readers – the Creative Reading Prize.

This prize is a creative response to a book you love – ANY book you love – and the entrants and runners up can be any age, though the Grand Prize winner will be under 20. This year’s Grand Prize winner? Gets an iPad.

What kind of creative response, you say?

Anything you like. Write a story. Illustrate a scene. Perform a song. Make a trailer. Do some cross-stitch. Bake a cake. Personally, I am all in favour of wacky AUs, like the one where Ellie and Mark are in space.

Entries for the Creative Reading Prize are open from now, and I encourage all those of a creative bent to go for it. I love fan works, and I love creativity, and I am all in favour of people getting iPads for being awesome.

That is all FOR NOW, internets. May your day be as happy as mine was!

* Because I live in Australia. Not because it is set in Australia. As we all recall.

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