You guys, I have another book coming out!

I know, you’re all so surprised, I’ve only been blogging about editing it for a month. But I haven’t made an Official Announcement, and now it is well past time I did.


If you want to find out who murdered your brother, come with me.

Summerton is perfect. A town in the isolated and stunning West Coast region of New Zealand, it is blessed with gorgeous weather during the most crucial holiday period, a huge music festival every New Year’s Eve, and hordes of tourists, who helpfully pick up and go home, leaving a lot of money behind them without ever trying to move in themselves.

But Keri is immune to her hometown’s charms. Her older brother has just killed himself, without warning or explanation, and left Keri shattered with grief and too many unanswered questions. So when her childhood friend Janna and tourist Sione offer answers, Keri is keen to listen.

Janna and Sione’s own older brothers died in suspicious circumstances. Sunny Summerton has dark secrets. And as they investigate, the answers to their questions become more bizarre. Shattering the secrecy of Summerton may open the trio to dangers they never knew were possible.

Can they save Summerton’s next victim? Or will they become victims themselves?

A young adult supernatural adventure, THE SHATTERING will be available in September 2011 from Allen and Unwin (Australia/New Zealand) and Little, Brown (USA).

A few things to note:

1) The Shattering is a standalone, not a sequel to Guardian of the Dead. I would love to write a sequel/companion for Guardian, but we will all have to wait and see! Emailing me to ask if there is any news will not help; I promise I will tell you all I can when I can.

2) I recently got word that Ben Mautner, who did the beautiful US Guardian cover, will also be doing the cover for The Shattering, and I believe the also ultra-talented Bruno Herfst will again be back to do the ANZ version. I am all aquiver.

3) The Little, Brown contract has a description of the novel noting that it is set in “a small Australian town”. Oh, L,B Contracts, you DO have a sense of humour!

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