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My Life In Pictures

Here are some pictures, from a day at home and wandering through my city. Continue reading

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On Bullying and Being Failed

Have y’all seen the recent discussions on bullying? People have made some astonishing contributions to the discussion: Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project*; Marianne of The Rotund’s amazing post It Gets Different; Seanan McGuire’s heartbreaking examination of her own experiences; … Continue reading

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New Title Reveal’d!

And lo, the title discussions began. Editors, assistants, some friends I dragged in, and my own febrile brain came up with long lists of titles. Some of them were pretty good. Some of them were totally ridiculous. All of them went through many many people, including sales and marketing teams on both side of the Pacific. Continue reading

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Inky Awards Shortlists.

Internets, great news! The Inky Awards shortlists have been announced, and Guardian of the Dead has been shortlisted for the Gold Inky. I am thrumming with joy. The longlist was a stunning honour in itself, but making the shortlist is … Continue reading

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