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Aurealis Awards

I was plowing through the To-Do list this morning (it included such items as “eat breakfast” and “shower”, because on days like this, if it’s not on the list, it’s not getting done) when I got an email from Editor … Continue reading

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Tales for Canterbury

Internets, I have not told you of Tales for Canterbury! How very remiss of me. Tales for Canterbury is an anthology of original short stories and reprints by writers from inside and outside New Zealand. All proceeds are going to … Continue reading

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My To-Do List for today includes “write blog post”. Oh, how foolish I am. Many things happened from the moment I wrote that item, and internets, I am awash with things I simply must tell you. One blog post will … Continue reading

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The Shattering cookie: Meet Janna!

Cookie time has come again! A very fast poll indicated you would like to see Musician Janna, as opposed to Flirty Janna or Magic Janna, so here we go. But with flirtiness attached anyway. Janna van der Zaag multi-tasks, yo! … Continue reading

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