Ursula Bethell: Day Six/Seven

No post yesterday because I was super sad about Metiria Turei resigning as co-leader of the New Zealand Green Party, after she had the AUDACITY to point out that people on the benefit are suffering in a horrible, dehumanising poverty trap. She noted the horrors of this punitive system, and argued that many of them will indeed lie to government bodies to scrape an extra twenty dollars a week out of their budget for such things as feeding their kid, by admitting to the fact that she had done just that as a young, single mother. Her story is the story of thousands.

Also, she enrolled to vote in an electorate she didn’t actually live in. Like. You know. Ex-Prime Minister Sir John Key, while he was RUNNING FOR ELECTION in the electorate he enrolled in, but did not live in.

It turns out you shouldn’t tell lies to government agencies or commit electoral offences (unless you are male and white and RUNNING FOR OFFICE, naturally). Also, no former 23-year-old who is currently a member of Parliament, other than Turei, has ever done anything illegal or unethical, like get drunk and drive home, or have an accountant do shifty things with their taxes, or profit hugely from neoliberal policies that disadvantage and dehumanise the poor, or assault a waitress by pulling her fucking ponytail on multiple occasions when she had very clearly exercised her right to bodily autonomy and told Then-Prime Minister (not yet) Sir John Key to fucking stop doing that.

Documented skeevy assault on multiple occasions by actual Prime Minister = hilarious jape, why would anyone think he should quit?

Lying to WINZ by young, brown single mum who would eventually become Member of Parliament = DISGRACEFUL SCUM.

Turei quit because the bullshit her whanau was facing was breathtakingly terrible, and getting worse, and because she felt that the shitty, awful response was making her continued presence as co-leader a hindrance to the Party. She wasn’t fired. The Greens did not remove her. I hope to everything I hold powerful and sacred that she will return to New Zealand’s political scene, because we desperately need her.

Also, I wrote some words.

Yesterday’s progress: 1718 words
Today’s progress: 2061
Overall progress: 12370 words. Broke the big 10k!

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