Ursula Bethell: Day Three

Today I got to work at 11:30am, had a long, useful, fun lunch with a friend-slash-linguist, and left at 5:30pm with 2000 more words in the bank. 2k a day is what I’m aiming at in this messy, get-it-out, fix-it-later first draft. I hit that goal for the first time today, despite starting late, despite feeling my way through character and voice and (let’s be honest) plot.

It helps to have an office. It helps to have very little *in* the office: desk, chair, computer, and the work that needs to be done. It helps to have my writing girl gang on G-chat – they’re in the US, and write at night, which works very well with my new schedule.

It helps, so much, that this is the only thing I have to do now: show up and write, five days a week.

Progress today: 2011 words.
Progress overall: 4461 words.

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