Guardian Playlists

Like a lot of authors, I write with music playing, and composing playlists is one of my favourite procrastinatory activities.

These playlists are not truly representative of my actual writing soundtracks, because it turns out that playlist sites don’t list a lot of New Zealand pop, rock, hiphop or, you know, anything much at all. Can I find Crowded House’s “Together Alone”? Can I find Shihad’s “Home Again”? Can I find Che Fu’s “Misty Frequencies”? Can I heck!

The perceptive will note that there are two playlists here: one is entitled I Am Secretly Twelve and contains bouncy fun times and the songs I might be embarrassed about loving if I were capable of embarrassment when it comes to music. The other is entitled But Then I Remember I’m Twenty-Seven, and contains the songs that comprise my vague gestures towards being a grown-up. That one is not safe for work, and if you are the kind of person who objects to swearing, you might find the lyrics objectionable. The first playlist is all-ages friendly.

I Am Secretly Twelve

1. Hazy Shade Of Winter, The Bangles. (Damn right it’s the Bangles version)
2. Saving My Face, KT Tunstall.
3. See You Again (Rock Mafia Remix), Miley Cyrus.
4. I Will Remember You, Ryan Carbrera.
5. Last Thing, Diana Anaid.
6. Welcome To My Life, Simple Plan. (The first time I heard this I was sure it was a satire. “Stop making fun of teenagers!” I told the radio. But no, they’re serious.)
7. Maybe Tomorrow, Goldenhorse.
8. So Close, Jon McLaughlin. (<3 Disney) 9. With Me, Sum 41. 10. Vampire Heart, HIM. 11. crushcrushcrush, Paramore. 12. Beauty and the Beast, Mrs Potts. (<3 <3 <3 Disney)

But Then I Remember I’m Twenty-Seven

1. Not A Pretty Girl, Ani DiFranco.
2. Runs In The Family, Amanda Palmer (THEMATIC STATEMENT AHOY).
3. Feeling Good, Muse.
4. Sway, Bic Runga.
5. Bad Boyfriend, Garbage.
6. Pink Frost, The Chills.
7. Recessional, Vienna Teng.
8. Handlebars, Flobots.
9. Shitlist, L7.
10. I Will Follow You Into The Dark, Death Cab for Cutie.
11. Paperweight, Schuyler Fisk and Josh Radin.