What Happened After

A little while ago, I was talking to my BFF Robyn about my work – as I so frequently do – and by the time we were done chatting, I had revealed to her all the things I thought happened after the end of The Shattering.

“Huh,” Robyn said when I was done. “You should save that.”

Robyn is very wise, so I did.

Here is that conversation, cleaned up a little for your consumption.

WARNING WARNING WARNING: this probably goes without saying but this little snippet of shoptalk is super, super spoilery. Also, I do not consider this canonical in any sense – it is just me winding out my own thoughts on the fates of the characters and essentially writing my own “what happened after” fanfic. If you have other thoughts on their futures, those are just as valid as far as I’m concerned.

Karen: Sione’s best flirting technique: telling sad story about his brother.

BFF Robyn: Sione is not a stud.

Karen: He is totes adorable though.

BFF Robyn: I’d date him if I were a fictional teenage girl!

Karen: You should, because he’s going to grow up to look like Pua Magasiva.

Karen: I have DECREED IT.

Karen: Also, he’s going remain a virgin until his wedding night to a really nice girl who isn’t Aroha. But he and Aroha are still friends. They break up when Aroha starts working with Doctors Without Borders as a civil engineering consultant. His mum still calls her all the time.

Keri, however, totally married her first girlfriend, Marama. They are SICKENINGLY in love. Keri works as a PE teacher for a while, then starts working for the government as an outreach coordinator for QUILTBAG teens in sport. They don’t want kids, and they have three dogs. Keri is very close to her mother.

Janna never gets married, to her dad’s horror and her mum’s resignation. She and Patrick have occasional breakups and get back together with amazing makeup sex until they eventually realise that hey, they haven’t broken up in nearly three years and there are tax advantages to an official partnership. Civil Union, okay!

They aren’t in the same band anymore. Janna’s does better than Patrick’s, but he’s cool with that. They have two girls. Janna’s dad spoils them rotten and looks after them if both parents are on tour at once.

Takeshi went into space three times as a JAXA Mission Specialist in astrobiology. He still has dreams about the fire he won’t talk about. He’s single, and comfortable with it, and loves his work. He has bought every song that Janna has ever sold.

Sione and his wife have two boys: Matthew Jake and Elijah Schuyler. His wife knows why.

Summerton is no longer a tourist magnet, but it’s a comfortable, affordable holiday destination. A New Zealand Listener article listed it as one of the top ten towns to retire in, and the Beach Bash was revived five years after the fire. It was headlined by Vikings To The Left.

The people of Summerton live, and love, and die. They move out and move in. They learn and teach and pray to their various gods, and on quiet evenings, when all you can hear is the sound of the waves on the shore and the faint cries of the night birds, it almost seems magical.