Good News Day

Things You Want to Hear From Your Editor About Your Latest Manuscript:

So you seem to have written another thrilling, tense novel – with a goodly dollop of URST and very appealing characters. How extraordinarily clever of you!

Thank you, S. I think you’re neat!

What else do I think is neat, could it be…. MY AUSTRALIAN/NEW ZEALAND COVER?

Wait, that wasn’t very patriotic of me.


(ETA: I should note that this might not be the final-FINAL cover.)

That’s from the Allen and Unwin catalogue page for Guardian of the Dead, where you can also find out exciting things like the price as well as poke around many other fine books.


Would you like to know an Interesting Fact about the person on the cover? That isn’t the protagonist! Mmmm, mysterious redheads.

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