I Get Them Everywhere

1. My bestie, Robyn: Jimmy just found our batarangs.
Me: Woo!
Me: … you know, some people would find that statement bemusing.

Several years ago, as I attended my second WisCon in the company of people Robyn and I had inveigled to join us through sheer strength of enthusiasm, our friend Rachel greeted us with batarangs. Not plastic toys from a Batman movie tie-in kiddie meal. Small, heavy, edged weapons. In the shape of bats. With cute ears.

I slung mine in Robyn’s suitcase, since Japan frowns on the importation of heavy, edged weapons. Robyn and Jimmy moved, got married, moved again, and now, Jimmy has found the batarangs!

2. Last night, as my new sister-in-law tossed the bouquet, it arced over the heads of many women on the dance floor and fell towards my unsuspecting sister, who automatically caught it with the grace of the natural athlete she is.

Then, face suffused with horror, she shrieked and flung it from her like unto a burning brand. I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my stilettos.

3. This was the song of the first dance, accomplished by my brother with his broken ankle in a moon boot, hopping, swaying, and held up by his wife:

Batarangs, bouquets, and the first sway. How can people ask me, where do you get your ideas? The world is so full of little wonders.

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