Nose To The Grindstone

Ah, home, where I have to-do lists and reading piles. Did I leap off the plane and plunge straight back into work? Did I heck. I bought a cube of Diet Coke and read Scarlett Fever* and half of My Life As A Rhombus, that’s what I did. And frankly, the only reason I am not sprawled on my bed finishing the latter right now is guilt; crushing, crushing guilt.

So I’m writing this instead, on the grounds that it is sitting at a computer and typing, and thus looks similar enough to work to fool my laggard conscience. Not a cricket, my conscience. More a very paranoid sloth that wakes up with a start every few days and screams a fearful sound that condenses the very essence of panic.

But I have many things to tell you, internets! Many many things!

First, the Junior Library Guild picked Guardian of the Dead to be one of their Spring 2010 choices.

Fool that I am, and because things are a little different down here, I did not know quite what that was. I was just like, “Oh, that is nice! I like when people like my book.” Then SRB explained it to me, and I was VERY EXCITED. Basically JLG is a school/library book collection development service who look at a lot of books and decide on a relatively few of them that they want to sell to their members. And they chose Guardian!

My excitement was assisted by this visual aid. Pyramids! Who can resist them?

Second, I have very interesting new hair.

Salon straight:

And in its natural state, which is how it will spend most of its time:

I like especially how in that second shot you can’t see my pupils. I look positively demonic. Truth in photography!

Third, I saw Up In The Air and Precious, both of which were very interesting and rather good and superbly acted (especially Precious, holy crap) and both of which I applaud for not deserting their underlying principles to manufacture cheap happy endings.

I ought to do a post about happy endings some time, and why I like them, and why I find overtly manufactured happy endings very disappointing.

Anyway, the point I was getting around to making was that both of them had different trailers for Boy, the latest effort from Whenua Films, which looks choice. (I read a review that was like, “these Māori characters aren’t at all spiritual and in touch with their noble heritage of the earth!” and I was like, American reviewer, the point, you have missed it. The fantastic Sarah Kuhn has a quote from the director illustrating same in her mini-review found here.)

Those are the things I had to tell you, internets! What about you? How have you been? Do you have new hair? Tell me stuff, internets! I’m trying to sort of ease back into work.

* Conversation with SRB, also known as the worst spoiler in the history of the internet, who used to tell people the plot to her book The Demon’s Lexicon by starting with the twist revealed at the end:

SRB: Spoiling is for when I DUNT HAVE THINGS. Spoiling happens b/c otherwise I HAVE TO WAIT. But I HAVE SCARLETT FEVER. SO DUNT SPOIL.
Karen: Well, all I am saying is that scene where Spencer rises from the chocolate fountain is worth it. Although maybe ten pages of describing how chocolate runs down his chest is a bit much, coming from a sister’s PoV.
SRB: If you are lying I will be so cross!
Karen: Of COURSE I am lying, it’s like you don’t know me at all.
SRB: Hey, with MJ you never know
Karen: Actually that lie is less crazy than some stuff actually in the book, so I concede your point.

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  • “In New Zealand, the Maori are always portrayed as this strong warrior type and it’s really boring to watch,” Waititi, who comes from a strong family background in comedy, says. “The Maori men I grew up with thought they were tough but they were essentially big nerds.”

    From here:

  • tamarbatavraham

    Congrats on the book selection! Super exciting! I preordered my copy a little while ago, so it should be showing up on my doorstep on April 1st ^_^

    Love the hair both ways. That curly red is pretty much exactly what I’ve wanted my hair to do forever. I can do something about the color, but no amount of heat or curlers or chemicals or product or prayer or sacrifices to elder gods will get it to do anything but lay flat and straight.