All About Me

Internets, I say, I am back!

Oh, it’s you, Karen, you say. Huh. Did you bring cake?

No, internets, I did not! I brought tidings of great joy, and also some ways for you to relentlessly cyberstalk me.

I realised I have been somewhat remiss in not telling people where I am to be found other than my livejournal or my website, so here are some things.

My Twitter is here. (@kehealey)

My Facebook account is here.

My MySpace account is here. (It will be sharing the same status updates as Facebook so if you are on one and not the other do not fret.)

My GoodReads account is here.

I do not yet have a Tumblr or a BeBo (my sister loves her BeBo) or any number of other things, but I feel quite securely connected to social media as it is, so there we go.

Okay, Karen, you say, idly clicking a few tabs, what about those tidings of great joy?

WELL, internets, I am currently the Writer in Residence at Inside a Dog! That is the site of the State Library of Victoria Centre for Youth Literature, and it is awesome, although I do have to increase the font size every time I visit. That is because there are so many wonderful thoughts on there they have to squeeze them all up to make them fit! Other Residential Writers have included Garth Nix, Maureen Johnson, and Justine Larbalestier and Scott Westerfeld, so I am all a-quiver at this.

My writing residency starts here. Teaser:

ME: Oh my goodness, what an opportunity! I can write my thoughts and put them on the internet!
SULLY MONSTER, MY FAITHFUL COMPANION: You have been doing that for nearly ten years.
ME: But never on Inside a Dog, Sully Monster. Let us have a moment to appreciate this honour. Perhaps I should write about lofty topics. The Nature of Youth. The Meaning of Art.

PLUS BONUS first pictures of the ANZ Guardian in ACTUAL BOOK FORM.

Yeeees, now you’re tempted, aren’t you, internets? Scoot over there and have a look. That is where I will be doing most of my blogging for the month, but I will keep you updated as I go.

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