Sports, Tricks, and Action Scenes

Yesterday, internets, my hair was a mass of funky ringlets, each one sitting self-contained and perfectly layered over the others in a sexy mass around my head. Today, my hair looked like an oversized dandelion had been dipped in blood and then blow-dried. Guess which day I was obliged to leave the house.

Catching up on Inside a Dog:

1) I Once Read Through An International Rugby Match, a post about how I love sporty books even though I do not love sports.

My mother was a netball and basketball rep and regularly coaches school teams to victory, my dad coached and played club rugby for years, my brothers and sister all played basketball and rugby, my oldest brother and his wife are sports teachers, my sister was president of the Phys Ed school student union, and right now she is guiding hiking parties through the Routeburn and Greenstone tracks. Parties that include people like former Prime Minister Helen Clark.

And I got a lot of medals for speech and drama.

2) On All The Other Days, a post on the many ways I trick myself into writing.

Some days, I wake up alive with the need to write, ideas pulsing at the ends of my fingertips, determined to sit down and push out the words until my hands turn red and my vision blurs.

Those days happen about once a year.

3) Writing Process: Action Scenes, where I – yes! – go into my process for writing action scenes.

Oh, boy. Action scenes are the devil.

Personally, I would be perfectly comfortable writing a book where characters just talked their way to the ending. That would be lovely! I like dialogue!

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