Launch, Chat, and Me on the Radio.

Internets, some stuff!

1) BOOK LAUNCH TODAY. I am so excited. I get to have another book launch at WisCon, so if you are in the US, all sad – why do we always miss out on the exciting literary events, we poor Americans, you might be thinking – you get a chance too. But this is my first book launch! It is very special! I have new boots!

Come chat with me, listen to the lovely Penni Russon launch my book, watch me struggle heroically against happy tears, and drink some wine.

WINE, you say, suddenly perking up. Karen, we will be there!

Readings Carlton, on Lygon St, 6pm for a 6.30 start. Free, and don’t worry about RSVPing.

2) KAREN, you say, we are the part of the internets that cannot make it to the launch with the wine. How can we chat with you?

You can hit Late Bloomer Online tomorrow! At 6.30 pm PST, which is 11.30 am Melbourne time, and something appalling for people in Western Europe. I will be chatting there about Guardian of the Dead, the writing life, and whatever else you would like to ask me, EXCEPT, and I am very clear about this, EXCEPT that thing with the beehive and the raygun.

3) I did an interview with lovely Bryan Crump from Radio NZ National, who was very nice to me. I am myself too horrified at the prospect of hearing my own voice to actually listen to it, so instead I demonstrated my fortitude and maturity and made my mum do it.

She says it’s good! So does my fabulous NZ publicist, Abba. Best name ever, y/y?

You can download or stream that here.

4) I have opened a thread on my personal journal to discussing and answering questions about Guardian of the Dead. My US editor Alvina Ling will also answer questions from an editor’s point of view! It is naturally sodden with sweet, juicy spoilers.

Internets, tomorrow afternoon I am flying to Hobart with my mum, and we are going to have an adventure. I will report back!

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