Top Six Declarations of Familial Love.

I’m totally awesomed by the response to the love declarations post! Alla y’all have excellent taste.

But much as I love romance, I think I love families EVEN MORE.


Mopani: What happens now?

Grace: We’ll have to wait and see…

Mopani: Are you and Kupe an item now?

Grace: “An item”?

Kupe: Ae, Mopani.

Mopani: What about Dad?

Grace: I still love your dad a lot, punnet. Maybe we can all stay friends.

Mopani: I doubt it. You should hear the way Dad and Irene talk about each other.

Kupe: But that doesn’t mean you can’t stay friends with everyone, eh?

Mopani: Oh, great. Now I have three families.



“Mama, don’t you see,” I tell her, pausing on the photograph of her graduation from Cambridge. “You were always treasured You were always Yu.”

– Syrah, Girl Overboard.


“I only wanted to serve Barrayar, as my father before me. When I couldn’t serve Barrayar, I wanted – I wanted to serve something. To-” he raised his eyes to his father’s, driven to a painful honesty, “to make my life an offering fit to lay at his feet.” He shrugged. “Screwed up again.”

“Clay, boy.” Count Vorkosigan’s voice was hoarse but clear. “Only clay. Not fit to receive so golden a sacrifice.”

— Miles and Aral Vorkosigan, The Warrior’s Apprentice


“I’m sorry,” he said. “I didn’t like him, but I never meant to make you feel bad. I didn’t think you were paying attention.”

“Not paying attention?” she asked. “How could I not pay attention?”

“Because you think I’m an idiot,” he said, as if this was completely self-evident. “Seriously. I had no idea you cared at all about what I was saying.”

Lola was shaking her head, unable to comprehend what she was hearing.

“Spencer,” she said. “You’re my older brother.”

Suite Scarlett


“Sleep well, don’t stir, don’t let bad dreams trouble you,” Alan said, and stooped over the bed to kiss Nick’s forehead. “I’ll see you again in the morning, til then don’t forget that I love you.”

It was the thing Alan said every night, and Nick had never understood it. He understood sleep and morning, but he had never been able to guess what love meant.

When Alan was gone, Nick looked at his hot water bottle. He would have to get used to it because Alan thought it was his favourite and that meant having it a lot, like his favourite pyjamas.

It occurred to Nick that if people were put in drawers like pyjamas and you could pick them out, that would be an excellent arrangement. He would never pick out Mum, with all her screaming and her very quiet silences. He would always pick Alan. Alan would be his favourite.

— “Nick’s First Word“.


“This is my family. It’s little, and it’s broken… but still good. Yeah, still good.”

–Stitch, Lilo & Stitch

(It occurs to me that my romantic love choices mostly come from adult fiction, and my familial love ones mostly come from younger fiction. I am often nervous about forever-love in YA – and in fact, both YA books I quote from in the het love section acknowledge that theirs might not be forever love. I know that many people in real life do happily stay with their high school sweethearts, but its popularity as a fictional trope makes me uneasy.)

What are your favourite family love scenes?

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