Out Into The World.

Internets, as I may have intimated previously, I am heading to the USA from late May until the end of July. America! Land of freeways and supercheap books!

I am going to be doing some stuff while I am there. Everyone likes stuff, don’t they? Perhaps you would like to come and see me do stuff!

WisCon 34 May 28-31

I am doing a lot of stuff at WisCon. Probably the most exciting is that I am having a party for my book on the evening of Friday 28th, where you can bet there will be wine, copies of Guardian of the Dead for sale, and New Zealand music. Those are three things I like!

I am also doing a reading, 2.30-3.45 Sunday 30th, Vilas (Inn on the Park). Not by myself, oh no. With Jenn Reese, Rae Carson, and Greg Van Eekhout! I KNOW, I am almost envious of MYSELF.

Books of Wonder, NYC, Thursday 3rd June 6-8pm


Like Libba Bray.

Oh, I’m sorry.

Like LIBBA BRAY, there we go.

She has suggested we see who can consume the most jello in five minutes as a surefire audience grab. I understand that this is American for “jelly”? Either way, she’s going down.

Changing Hands, Tempe, Arizona, Wed 14th July, 7pm

An appearance all about me!

I am not sure what I will do at this event without fabulous friends. Perhaps some sort of sprightly dance? Sure to be amusing!

Oh, Karen, the Antipodes sigh at me. When will you show your loyalty to the lands in which you were born and live?

The answer is, in September, when I am going to be appearing at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival, AussieCon 4, and the Christchurch Writer’s Festival in a NON-STOP TOUR OF EXCITEMENT. Details to follow, I think we have enough to be going on with!

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