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Hello internets! Are you having a lovely summer/winter [delete whichever is inappropriate]? I sure am. I have been having a nice relaxing break of learning how to do front kicks and back bear hug throws, and also of reading a lot of theory.

I sometimes think critical theorists are the wackiest science fiction authors there are, and nobody knows.

But I am getting back on the book promotion wagon, thus!

July 14, 7pm. Changing Hands, Tempe, Arizona.

Yes! A bookstore event where I shall tell you where I get my ideas from! Also, read a bit. Also, sign books.

Also, lie outrageously.

The very next day I am off!

July 15-18, Infinitus. Orlando, Florida.

Infinitus 2010 is a huge Harry Potter convention. Ooh, I am excited.

FRIDAY noon: Friday’s Keynote Luncheon in Pacifica 6 Room with Naomi Novik, RJ Anderson, Ali Wilgus, Peg Kerr and Sarah Rees Brennan. I will be discussing going from fan to pro (while still actually being a fan.)

FRIDAY directly after lunch – Everyone is signing in the Vendor Room until at least 2:30, though I will have to take off a little earlier to get to

FRIDAY 3pm: Privilege, Appropriation, and Real Life Issues in Fiction, Pacifica 8/9, with Aja Romano (bookshop) and Clio. We will talk about doing badly and doing better. Hopefully it will be awesome and productive!

SATURDAY 11 – Noon in Banda Sea Room

Three authors for the price of one!

Sarah Rees Brennan, RJ Anderson and myself will be doing readings from our novels, and also giving away prizes, and also doing a big Q&A so that any questions that don’t get answered on Friday/if you can’t make it Friday, you will still have all the answers in the world! So many answers, we have.

Most of mine will be lies.

SATURDAY Noon – 12:30 – Karen, Rebecca and Sarah are signing in the Vendor Room.

ComicCon San Diego, July 21-25.

Karen, the heck are you doing at ComicCon, you say?

Internets, I reply, have you forgotten that by day I am a layabout author, but by night I am a comics scholar? I am presenting a paper here where I say “neo-baroque” and “archontic literature” a lot and summon the spirit of Derrida in a ghastly ritual that destroys language as it is spoken. So that should be fun!

SATURDAY 24 10:30-12:00 Comics Arts Conference Session #13: Superhero Comics as Meta-Fiction.

Matt Yockey: Batman is Coming
Whitney Donaldson: Self-Referential Superheroes: Metafiction and Narrative Complexity in Alan Moore’s Watchmen”
Karen Healey: Superhero Comics As Fan Fiction: An Archontic Approach
Andrew J. Friedenthal: Monitoring the Past: DC Comics’ CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS and the Narrativization of Comic Book History

I do not know where that is going to be held, but doubtless it will be in the programme. There are some excellent paper subjects and I am very much looking forward to the academic side of ComicCon.

And also to the Dealer’s Room.

That is my Upcoming Life, Internets! How about you?

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