Infinitus, Part the First

I was promised monsoon season in Tucson. Robyn was all like, “Oh, the skies will open and we’ll be drenched and it will make that sound on the roof you like so much,” and I was all, “Hurrah! For I do not think I can manage six weeks in Tucson in the summer without rain!”

It didn’t rain. Robyn has never seen a monsoon season so incalcitrant.

Naturally, the second we left for Phoenix, drops started spattering on the windscreen. Unfair, universe, unfair!

Phoenix itself was pleasant and I did a very nice reading and signing at Changing Hands, which is a terrific bookstore. Then I bought books, naturally. I mean, they were there.

The next morning I flew to Florida to attend Infinitus as a Special Guest, where LO, the skies had opened!

SHUTTLE DRIVER: This weather, so terrible!
ME: Water from the SKY, let me walk around in it!

I met Sarah Rees Brennan and RJ Anderson, who are as delightful as could be imagined. They brought me MORE books. The next day we joined Ali Wilgus, Peg Kerr and Naomi Novik to talk about being fandom trained writers.

PEG: What did you get out of your participation in fandom?
ME: Confidence, craft, criticism, introduction to activist thought, and my BFF.

Fandom, pretty damn good to me.

After that I signed things, (and bought books) and then there was a panel with and about addressing Real Life Issues in Fiction, by which we meant, let us discuss -isms and privilege and oppression and what can be done about them as writers, readers and reviewers.

My part of the panel went pretty much like this:

1) It is important to try! For lo, the world is marvellous and varied and there are great injustices in it that ought to be fought for the Benefit of All. I am super in favour of people trying to save the world.
2) As an ally to various groups to which you do not belong, you will screw it up sometimes. I have screwed it up many times! This doesn’t mean you are forever irredeemable as a person and should give up on every attempt to save the world immediately. It means you have screwed it up.
3) When you get critique for the things you have screwed up, listen, and reflect.

Then we attacked the pool.

SARAH: Isn’t the sun wonderful? Let us lie out in it and soak up the gorgeous rays!
RJ and I: It burns us! It burns!

I, who live under a hole in the ozone layer and only inherited Irish skin from my ancestors, was cringing from the day star and following the shade, while Sarah, who is Irish, lounged around like a sleek cat in perfect satisfaction. Unfair, universe, unfair AGAIN. So I was not really au fait with this whole stretching out by the pool business until I discovered I could get refills on my Diet Coke.

Which I did. For two hours.

ME: *after third refill* I think I forgot to mention that I sort of have a problem.
SARAH: I didn’t want to be the first to say it.
ME, cheerfully: Oh, you wouldn’t be.

My other problem? Fear of rollercoasters. So, while we were right next door to Universal Studios and all its scariest rides, including DOCTOR DOOM’S FALL OF FEAR, I eschewed these in favour of the Forbidden Journey of Harry Potter.

Sarah, despite being more of a rollercoaster girl herself, came with me.

SARAH: Mmm? Oh. I dozed off for a bit there.

That Sarah. If she’s not defying death by burning to a crisp or throwing herself off heights, life just isn’t exciting enough. No wonder she writes so well about demons.

Then I had MORE ADVENTURES. Of which more, possibly later! I mean, I have an awful lot of books to get through.

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  • Congrats on the sale of the new book. I just saw the notice in PM. I loved Guardian of the Dead so I’ll be looking out for this one.

  • Arianna

    What new book? I keep watching but I haven’t seen anything about a new book. I absolutely loved Guardian of The Dead!!! Please tell me what the title is and the date if you could please.

  • Karen

    Hi Arianna,

    SUMMERTON should be out in September 2011 – I’ll be making a post about it soon.

  • Jocelyn

    I’ve just discovered yours and Sarah’s LJ’s/websites while poking around my flist today, and I am immediately going out to buy your books! If your novels are anywhere near as well-written and hilariously identifiable as your blogs I will very possibly combust from awesome – I’m already in that stage of excitement/squee when you first cotton on to books that you MUSTREADNOW. Or, hi!