Help Pakistan

Hello internets. I usually like to discuss awesome things here, but sometimes! The world is not awesome.

Let’s discuss Pakistan, where 20 million people are in awful conditions after the catastrophic Indus River flooding. Help Pakistan is running a fundraising auction for various services.

I am donating a critique of any novel-length work of fiction, up to 80k words, by October 1st.

I normally only offer critique to close friends (and even then I can be very slow about it), so this is a rare opportunity. The recipient of my last critique to raise money for charity was pleased with my work.

I will also be matching the winning bid, up to $80.

There are also lots of lovely other things to acquire at Help Pakistan, so even if a critique from me is not your style, I encourage you to head over there and poke around.

If you do want to bid for the critique, please bid at that link, and not in comments here.

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