I Believe In A Lot Of Things

Internets, as I may have mentioned ONCE OR TWICE, I wrote a book, Guardian of the Dead, which, among other things, has an asexual character, a number of characters of colour, and deals with Māori mythology, as well as doing some stuff with gender tropes and having a fat female main character.

These things were deliberate; I was consciously attempting to portray a diverse world.

I have been told I did well in those things by various readers, and I value their responses to my efforts. However, readers are a multiplicity! And I have also seen various critiques of, among other things, aspects of my portrayal of Kevin as an asexual person, my portrayal of Iris as a Chinese New Zealander, and my portrayal of Ellie as a fat young woman. I value those responses too.

So this post is for readers of Guardian of the Dead who want to note things they think were done poorly, or could be done better, in terms of social justice*. You know, if they want to. No one is obliged to tell me stuff!

I am not going to stop writing diverse worlds, but I would like to write them better. And I would like to provide a hopefully safer space in which people may make these responses to my work without fear of derailment or further hurt.

All comments will be screened; I will be the only one reading. I will not reply to anything unless a response is requested. If you would like a response, please include an email on which I may contact you. I may take a few days to process and reply, and I ask for your forbearance while I get my ducks in a row.

ETA: Further discussion on why I made this post and other responses I have made to criticism.

* ie, don’t tell me about the missing comma on page 273 or tell me how Iris/Ellie is OBVIOUSLY the best pairing**.

** Even though it totally is.

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  • lidia

    i think you should really continue writing books and turn guardian of the dead into a series. i enjoyed it, and would love to see what happens to ellie and mark.
    please consider, because many of us would like to see this continue.

  • Karen

    Hi Lidia,

    I’d love to! It depends on a number of factors, however, not all of them under my control – all the ones I can do anything about are pointed at sequel!

  • anna

    please turn guardian of the dead into a series. i REALLY loved it!!!!