Love Will Tear Us Apart

Internets, what up?

What is up for me is that I have spent the week since I got home being an adult and dealing with boring adult things, like taxes and doctor’s appointments and osteopath appointments. Also, fun adult things, like buying a new iMac.

Oh yes. A desktop, after seven years of working on laptops. I am freaking delighted. No more craning miserably over my wee screen! I will get it sometime later this week; happy birthday to me.

Unfortunately, the osteopath had less good news.

ME: Oh yes, I have shoulder tension and lower back pain and sore arms.
OSTEO: Well, hop up on the bed and we’ll have a look. … oh my god.
ME: Um?
OSTEO: This is NASTY. Nasty, nasty, nasty. What have you been doing to yourself?

It turns out that “living on the internet” and “having two jobs where I write a lot” are not actually good for my body! Who knew. So now I get to have a lot of very painful treatments in the hope of warding off TOTAL DESTRUCTION.

I am not a fan of pain, but neither am I one of TOTAL DESTRUCTION, so this is good! Sadly, I will be doing much less living on the internet. My shameful habit of seldom replying to comments will become even more shameful, and I suspect I’ll be updating here less often, at least for a while.

You may wish to follow my twitter at @kehealey. 140 characters, less likely to lead to TOTAL DESTRUCTION, and I can do it on my phone!

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