My Life In Pictures

Words, words, words. They’re all we have to go on.

Unfortunately, I have to save all my words for the current binge on my dissertation. Here are some pictures instead, from a day at home and wandering through my city.

Several piles of printed paper

Printing articles from Transformative Works and Cultures for dissertation notetaking – on the back of The Shattering edits. My whole life is genre-mixing.

Several pigeons gathered around half-eaten bento boxes on a table

Pigeons gather on a table outside a sushi place on Swanston St. I like obento too, pigeons.

A memorial plinth in front of a low water feature.

Flowers drying in front of the memorial to the Australian victims of the October 12 Bali nightclub bombings. There’s a sign forbidding skateboarding in the park, but the skateboarders naturally ignore it. I like to see them, full of life and motion.

Empty shopping trolley against a brick wall

This shopping trolley escaped its wearisome life at Safeway to the freedom of Melbourne University, where it is happy to indulge the nefarious deeds of drunken students.

Empty well-worn red and white shoes against institutional carpet

The Baillieu library is sort of disappointing compared to Canterbury’s uni’s eleven floors, but the bottom level has very comfortable couches for reading a ton of articles at once, and no one seems to mind when I slip my shoes off.

Sign reading "Please think of others and leave these facilities as you would wish to find them!"

Despite this cheery sign, the library bathrooms are universally disgusting by about 7pm. The graffiti is pretty interesting, though.

Girl in a ladybird dress

Flinders Street Station is a great place for people watching. This young lady happily consented to me taking this picture of her fabulous dress and gave permission for me to put it online. “I’m so sunburned,” she confided, and showed me her reddening arms.

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