New Title Reveal’d!

So I have another book coming out September 2011, which during the writing, I called Summerton, that being the (fictional) small West Coast tourist town where the action takes place.

It was a serviceable working title, but it lacked, how do we say, interest. Magic. Excitement. Darkness. And this is (I sincerely hope) an interesting book full of dark magic and excitement. Wouldn’t it be nice if it had a title that reflected that, my editors asked, and I agreed.

And lo, the title discussions began. Editors, assistants, some friends I dragged in, and my own febrile brain came up with long lists of titles. Some of them were pretty good. Some of them were totally ridiculous. All of them went through many many people, including sales and marketing teams on both side of the Pacific.

I had not undergone this process before – Guardian of the Dead had three titles before that one, but they were all my titles*. The book was sold as Guardian of the Dead, and so it remained. I found it totally fascinating this time, watching the different points of view, and seeing the possibilities whittled down until we had two strong titles…

And yesterday we settled on one.

Internets, I am delighted to introduce my 2011 novel release, THE SHATTERING.

Karen, oooh, that is dark magic excitement, you say! But what exactly gets shattered?

The peace of a small town. Mental stability. Families. Bones. You know, my usual. Plus, [SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER]!

Mmm, titles. Now I have to retrain my brain to stop thinking in terms of Summerton, and start thinking in terms of Shattering. Publishing, such an interesting business!

* “Drama Queens”, “Into The Mists”, and “Children of the Mist”. I am really pretty terrible at titles.

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  • You’re right, it’s a good title. Particularly when there are actual things getting shattered in the story!

    I finished Guardian of the dead a little while back and loved it so I’m look forward to some shattering.

  • I may have to refer to it as The Summertonattering for a brief interim period, before fully adopting it’s alluring proper title for all eternity. And Inkys – congrats!