Scandalous Shopping

The news that is not full of WIKILEAKS SCANDAL!!! is full of stories about Australian retailers worried about lower income this holiday season.

I feel sorry for small businesses who are being hit hard by the recession, but I’m not sure why I should feel worse for them than for their customers. Mortgage rates have gone up. People have much less to spend. So when I hear, “But people aren’t spending enough on discretionary items!” I mentally translate it as, “But people are being financially responsible!”

We can’t have that!*

Anyway, retailers of Australia, especially bookstores, I am doing my bit! In a burst of highly efficient shopping with the delightful Tessa Kum in tow, I finished all my own discretionary spending yesterday.

Particularly fun was selecting cards. I love buying cards, because you get to grab the perfect thing for a particular person, and also, you get to look at pretty things. I may have gone a tiny bit overboard but it was soooo much fun. Is this a thing you do, internets? Spend half an hour cooing over lovely art and snarky sayings? Or is that just me?

Of course I came home and spotted the pack of twenty gorgeous card designs I purchased from an art gallery a month ago sitting right there on my desk, but hey! Always good to have spares.

* P.S. Of course, you can always help the economy by buying my book. It’s holidayriffic! With festive supernatural murder!

And if you buy it at Borders Melbourne Central this Saturday at 2pm, you can get it festively signed. A gift for the whole family, or that part of it that likes stories where people’s eyes are torn out.

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