What’s Going On

FIRSTLY: Internets, would you like to meet me? You may!

Guardian of the Dead signing
Melbourne Borders Central Station
18 December, 2pm.

With the excellent Foz Meadows, my buddy, and also author of Solace and Grief, one of my fave recent vampire novels.

I will be signing books, answering questions, and generally being my dorky self.

SECONDLY: If you cannot meet me in Melbourne – or even if you can – my favourite interview of the year has just gone live at New Zealand’s very own Public Address, where Jolisa Gracewood of Busytown put her amazing skills at work to ferret out thoughts I didn’t even know I had.

Jolisa is a terrific person, and I really enjoyed this interview, which dug into topics like location, location, location and why YA is awesome even when it gets no respect. Also, The Shattering tidbits. Also, also, and! There is a Booker Prize winner talking in the comments section. I feel all fancy.

THIRDLY: My December Lights Project story, “Queen of the Kitchen”, has duly gone up. Happy Holidays to alla y’all!

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