The Unbearable Lightness Of Noms

I am waiting for my first ever bread to bake (please be delicious, bread, I have plans for you that involve a lot of honey) and I am quite cheerful about that.

Also I am cheerful from killing the first person in Mysterious New Novel today. Well, second, but the protagonist got better.

ALSO I am cheerful because I was watching Adam Hills in Gordon St Tonight, which featured the awesome Hannah Gadsby, on whom I have an inappropriate crush, and the voice of Josh Thomas, on whom likewise.

This prompted some thought.

Karen’s Inappropriate Crushes On Australian Comedy/Analysis TV People:

Josh Thomas of Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation

Reasons for Inappropriate Crush:

– Tall, gangly, chatty.
– Hilarious.
– Adorable, unplaceable accent.

Why Crush is Inappropriate:

– Has boyfriend.
– He’s not into girls.

Hannah Gadbsy of Adam Hills in Gordon St Tonight

Reasons for Inappropriate Crush:

– Short, curvy, laconic.
– Hilarious.
– Hella sharp dresser.

Why Crush is Inappropriate:

– I’m not into girls.

Todd Sampson of The Gruen Transfer

Reasons for Inappropriate Crush:

– Tall, gangly, chatty, brunet.
– Regularly skewers immorality of certain ads during panel discussion.
– Adorable accent.
– Co-created Earth Hour. Co-created Earth Hour.

Why Crush is Inappropriate:

– Married.
– With kids.
– Two of them.

Prior commitments and non-compatible sexual identities, why must you get in the way of certain true love?

Oh well. Bread will always love me!

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