My fabulous sister currently has a job at a dairy farm, which entails getting up at 4am, bossing cows around, coming home at about noon, and going back to work in the evening until about six or seven. Then she comes home, washes the cow poop out of her hair, and goes for a hearty run.

I tend to go to bed at 4am, and wake up at noon (which is convenient for hang-out potential!), the closest I generally come to a cow is deciding which part of it to eat, and… well, I do actually enjoy jogging, but my version of it involves running until I get tired, walking until I feel like running again, and stopping when I get bored. Gina is much more disciplined about the whole thing.

But despite our differences, we also have many similarities. We love to read, we like Community – at least, once I introduced it to her – and we both enjoy beating our mother at Scrabble, an extremely rare occurrence.

And then there are conversations like this:

GINA: What are you watching?
ME: The Vampire Diaries.
GINA: Who’s that man?
ME: What?
GINA: That man on your screen.
ME: Oh. Ian Somerhalder. Hot, right?
GINA: Right.


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