And STAY out.

Good morning, Internets, and a very happy new year to you.

I had planned to go to Christchurch and join friends for New Year’s Eve, but the recent quake and heavy aftershocks prompted a schedule change. Instead, I brought in the season playing cards with my mother and youngest brother, who insisted, after a few false starts, that we hold hands and sing Auld Lang Syne.

There are many worse ways to greet the New Year than safe, warm, well-fed and singing with one’s family. And there may not really be any bad way to bid goodbye to 2011, a year that sucked most heartily on a number of levels for a vast number of people.

There were certainly good things in my life: my oldest brother got married to a wonderful woman; my second book came out; I was able to attend ALA and the World Fantasy Convention; I spoke at Reading Matters and had a blast; I watched a lot of great TV and read a number of great books (some detailed in this guest post at The Book Smugglers”); and I had a wonderful time mentoring an exceptional young woman (hi, Laura!) through the Big Brother Big Sister program, which I am finally able to talk about.

But on the whole, 2011 was pretty damn awful, and I wanted to see it out with some grand gesture. Here, then, is the song that increasingly became my anthem as I clung to the certainty that this, too, would pass:

And this is the song I wish to be my anthem for 2012:

May you all have a fabulous year.

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