Best of 2011

My parents are on a trip this week, which is FABULOUS.

I mean. I love them. I love spending time with them.

But my Dad has spent his married life making the family meals, and he’s got the menu down to a fine art: Roast meat, steamed fish, or cold cuts, accompanied by boiled potatoes, steamed silverbeet and cauliflower, and occasionally carrots and peas. There might be a gravy. There might be a cheese sauce. There will be a green salad for the rabbit food eaters.

And this is a fine menu! But it becomes progressively less fine when one is served it every day.

Now that Dad is out of the kitchen, it is unquestionably mine. Dinner tonight was fajitas and potato salad, and coconut milk rice pudding for dessert. Tomorrow we’re barbecuing some venison, which I am currently marinating in garlic, cumin, salt, pepper, and a lot of a really nice merlot. Not sure what I’m doing after that. Maybe I’ll make a curry! Maybe I’ll put together a risotto! The possibilities are endless, and carb-tastic.

In between establishing my dominion over the kitchen, I have been cruising through my journal and finding my favourite posts this year in order to make a Best Of list. Internets, several of them are about food! I know that you are shocked.

February 3rd: I DO Love A Good List.
February 24th: What To Do With Words.
Feb 26th: A Message From Christchurch.
March 4th: Smiling at Grief.
April 1st: NEW Shattering Cover!
April 18th: Karen’s Top Four Novels Guaranteed To Prompt a Massive Session In The Kitchen.
April 22nd: Teenagers, Sex, and Young Adult Fiction.
June 7th: How To Make A Birthday Cake.
August 23rd: Thursday watch the walls instead.
August 28th: Past and Present.
October 15th: Creepy Cake N Bake: Dark Chocolate Teacup Puddings.
November 9th: And All For One (incredible movie).
November 19th: Problems, Awesomeness, and Not Being Alone.
December 25th: Faith in foxholes.

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