Internets, I currently live in a rural town. We have gorgeous Victorian era buildings made out of limestone and penguins.

Yup, penguins.

Eat your heart out, Northern Hemisphere, you and your ADORABLE SQUIRRELS that people MOCK ME FOR COOING OVER.

Penguins are gross and they smell like fish and one bit me once.

Anyway, at this time of year we also have lots of lambs, and the ones next door have prompted the following observations:

Things Human Babies Are Unlikely To Do In The First Few Weeks Of Life That Sheep Babies Definitely Will:

– Stand on their mother’s back while she lies there placidly and then call out for her because they have forgotten where she is.

– Accidentally stick their heads in a stream of their mother’s urine, pull it out, shake it off, look confused, and then DO IT AGAIN.

– Hump other babies.

LAMBS. They light up my life.

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