When We Wake: Reviews

When We Wake has been getting some awfully nice reviews. Particularly, it is getting nice reviews from sci-fi venues, which pleases me very much, since this is my first sci-fi story.

Kirkus Reviews gave the book a starred review, calling it: “a fast-moving and carefully built science-fiction story… accessible, thoughtful and compelling”.

Publisher’s Weekly says that I managed a: “very persuasive future world… The diversity of the cast is authentic and natural”

Liz Bourke at Tor.com says that When We Wake is: “an excellent YA novel. It’s also really excellent science fiction. … Healey really nails voice.”

Sarah Frost at Strange Horizons says the book is: “exciting and powerful. … [Tegan] is both a believable teenager and an admirable person.”

So that’s all pretty excellent, huzzah!

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  • Steffi

    I just finished the book 5 minutes ago, and oh my jesus, that was such a detailed story. With a mix of romance, action, sci-fi, chrome-feel from the future, um.. nostalgince?, etc. I loved it, the ending left me dying… What happened? Btw, I loved the book, Karen, thank you for writing it. (: