I went to Postmodern Jukebox last night, and had a sore throat when I got home. I hoped that I’d just cheered myself hoarse, but alas, it was a genuine sore throat, which is right now turning into a head cold.

This seems an appropriate time for a comparison.

Sick as a teacher:

  • Ignore it for the first two days in the hope that this will make me magically better while also taking meds in the hope that this will make me scientifically better.
  • Work in increasing pain and haze, until a student, keeping their distance, asks, “Are you sick, Miss?”
  • Reluctantly ask for a day off, always immediately and sympathetically granted.
  • Inform head of faculty, deputy heads, and teachers I might have been working with, who all tell me to go home and get better.
  • Write up to five periods of relief lessons, UGH RELIEF, which takes roughly twice as long when I have to focus around a headache or stuffed nose, with detailed instructions for lessons. Include resources. Place in the special relief zone.
  • Spend miserable day in bed, occasionally checking Google Classroom to see if students are keeping up with the assigned work.
  • Come back to school, where colleagues ask how I am feeling.
  • Deal with aftermath of relief lessons, which, depending on the class and the lesson, can go from “everything done, proceed with the unit” to “yeah, not sure what happened here, repeat the lesson with variations.”
  • I’m still sick, of course, but I’ll be better in a week or so.

Sick as a currently full-time writer:

  • Wake up, take meds, sleep some more.
  • Write in bed.
  • Netflix.
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