Karen Healey

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A view of the ocean from a beach, with gold curlicue lettering reading "Jingle Spells: A Witchy Fiction Anthology". In the foreground, two starfish wearing witches' hats, one with a glowing staff and the other with a broomstick, have a cauldron over a beach bonfire.

Story: "Taylor Made"

“[A] fabulous collection of Christmas witchery.”

A three-masted sailing ship is nearing a mountainous bay. The sun is rising or setting over a mountain-top palace. Above the gold-lettered title "The Empress of Timbra"m we see a pale young face with blue eyes staring at the reader.

The Empress of Timbra

“A masterpiece of escapism.”

A pulp fiction style cover reading Monsters in the Garden: An Anthology of Aotearoa. Cover features a femme-coded scantily clad person with cybernetic implants walking through large native ferns and carrying an unconscious alien. In the background, a UFO saucer lifts sheep in a transport beam, while a gigantic dragon belches smoke.

Story: "Where We Walk, We Walk On Bones"

“Darkness, wit, and strange new beauty.”

OUT NOW: Bespoke and Bespelled

The first novella of the Wellywood Magic witchy romance series is available for purchase now!

Coming Soon: Persephone In Bloom

The first Olympus Inc novel from Kate Healey is scheduled for May 2023 release!