An old-fashioned treadle sewing machine  against a green background is festooned with golden trails of magic. Sitting in front of it are a pair of obnoxiously large sunglasses. Golden curlicue lettering reads: "Bespoke and Bespelled"

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Stitch-witch and costume supervisor Marnie Taylor knew she was taking a risk when she left her solid studio job in L.A. and returned to New Zealand to work on the film adaptation of her favourite fantasy series. But she didn’t expect suspicious sabotage on set – or her disastrous attraction to the star.

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“Sparkling with magic and romance, Bespoke and Bespelled is deliciously fun.” 
– Stephanie Burgis
A view of the ocean from a beach, with gold curlicue lettering reading "Jingle Spells: A Witchy Fiction Anthology". In the foreground, two starfish wearing witches' hats, one with a glowing staff and the other with a broomstick, have a cauldron over a beach bonfire.

“Taylor Made”

The first tale of stitch-witch and costume designer Marnie Taylor appears in this anthology of sunny New Zealand magical Christmas stories!

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“[A] fabulous collection of Christmas witchery by some very talented New Zealand authors.”

– Saundra Wright

A three-masted sailing ship is nearing a mountainous bay. The sun is rising or setting over a mountain-top palace. Above the gold-lettered title "The Empress of Timbra"m we see a pale young face with blue eyes staring at the reader.

The Empress of Timbra

Fourteen-year-old Taver didn’t know he was a nobleman’s bastard until his real father died. Eleven-year-old Elaku has always known she was the bastard daughter of the same nobleman. When treachery and war threaten their home, Taver and Elaku must rely on their magic, their wits, and each other to have any chance of preventing disaster.

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A clever, captivating and heartfelt read accessible to fantasy lovers of any age.

– Foz Meadows, A Strange and Stubborn Endurance.

A pulp fiction style cover reading Monsters in the Garden: An Anthology of Aotearoa. Cover features a femme-coded scantily clad person with cybernetic implants walking through large native ferns and carrying an unconscious alien. In the background, a UFO saucer lifts sheep in a transport beam, while a gigantic dragon belches smoke.

“Where We Walk, We Walk On Bones”

Aneet can see the dead, and she’s thoroughly sick of it. Unfortunately, the dead guy on this spaceship needs her to solve his murder…

A short story only available in the incredible Monsters in the Garden sci-fi and fantasy anthology.

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“Karen Healey’s delightful soap opera… fun, funny, and shows how the undesirable things will follow us to the better world”

– Elizabeth Knox